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Perfect Match


Participants of course learn unique technique Perfect Match Interview (PMI), based on the latest knowledge of cognitive psychology and research of metaprograms within NLP. Using Perfect Match Interview, selection is focused on the most suitable candidates and matching the expectations of manager and preferences of candidate. If the candidates preferences are close to managers expectations, their cooperation will be better, leading to the satisfaction of both sides and the new employee will achieve the required performance in less time. If recruiter can easily see how the preferences and expectations coincide, he can choose a more suitable candidate.


By using Perfect Match Interview recruitment process gets more focused on the selection of the most suitable candidate as it matches the expectations of manager and candidate preferences. Thank to this, you:

  • Accelerate the adaptation process of a new employee
  • Increase employee engagement
  • Prevent premature employee retirement
  • Provide managers with a tool for the development of a new employee
  • Increase satisfaction of both sides


 „Course Perfect Match was very beneficial for me by the amount of new information and different view of the selection of new employees. Perfect Match Interview is a simple system which has high information value.“

Katarína Chovancová / Manager of HR partners department VUB a.s.

„Benefit of course Perfect Match is a new, yet unrecognized method of recruitment, which will help to choose candidate in more detailed and accurate way, respectively recognize alco own employees and focus on their development.”

Richard Durkáč / Recruiter U.S.Steel Košice s.r.o.

„I got the opportunity to look at the selection of employees from a completely different perspective and learn new, enriching knowledge. Now I know how to draw managers better in the selection process even in identifying suitable tips of candidates, because so far they have been involved only in the later course and sometimes were not able to say why candidate is not suitable.“

Nora Božgaiová / Personalist SECOP s.r.o. Zlaté Moravce

„Thanks to the course, I acquired a different perspective on recruitment – effective yet simple. It helped me realize that the job of the manager is one of the most important parts of the recruitment process, and also because this I would recommend it to all HR people and managers.“

Mária Vavreková / HR Business Partner  CRH Slovensko a.s.



  • Perfect Match tool is based on the latest knowledge of cognitive psychology and research of metaprograms within NLP
  • Emphasis of the program is on practice and practical ability to lead PMI interview, with the manager as well as candidates
  • When practicing on the yourse, participants base on the real needs of their organizations
  • It is effective because it uses simple recording sheets, which creates a graphically clear profile
  • Techniques are easy to apply in practice, yet effective and very time saving


Program aims to teach participants – staff responsible for recruitment and selection of employees:

  • Better identify, what kind of candidates the company really needs
  • Define, what requirements on candidate has immediate boss
  • Identify  preferences in the work style of managers and candidates only in few minutes
  • Better know, what to focus on during interview so that the candidate “fit” to his manager
  • Know to conduct a personal selection interview with ability to identify key style preferences
  • Be able to make recommendations for manager, which are important for the management and development of his future subordinate


    • Most frequent reasons why the selection fails
    • What is a successful selection
    • Dimensions of correlation between the worker and the organization
    • (person-job, person-team, person-superior, person-climate, person-values, person-organisation)
    • Role of manager for whom we are seeking candidates
    • Which dimensions are in which selection critical
    • How does the match in work style preferences impact success of selection
    • How to verify as simple as possible the basic match between the candidate and organization
    • Metaprograms and their identification
    • Practicing dialogues

Perfect Match course can be organized also as internal training in your organization.

For more information, please contact us on info@adda.sk or +421 2 534 114 80

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